As a nation, we are ever more aware of the need to maintain our wellbeing through a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. In recent years, this has led to a gradual groundswell of interest in the nutritional content of the foods and beverages we consume, with a move towards sourcing the most wholesome and natural ingredients where possible.

Beer is produced from a palette of locally sourced, natural and wholesome ingredients. Beer contains no fat or cholesterol, is low in carbohydrates and is full of B vitamins and minerals such as silicon and folic acid. Beer also has a relatively low calorific value compared to other alcoholic drinks.

Many health and nutritional experts agree it’s important for consumers to have a greater understanding of nutritional facts such as alcoholic units and calories in beverages such as beer. Armed with this information, we are in a better position to make an informed choice and can enjoy alcohol responsibly2.


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The facts show that beer has a relatively low calorie value compared to other alcoholic drinks: