Exploring the anti-cancer potential of hop compounds

A recent study by Allsopp has explored the hop compounds isoxanthohumol (IX) or 8-prenylnaringenin (8PN) for their anti-cancer potential.

Laboratory tests demonstrated that both of these plant compounds reduced the viability of colon cancer cells in vitro.  They also reduced the speed at which these cells proliferated –cells became less invasive which in real terms would reduce the risk of cancer spreading to secondary sites.

Colon cancer is unusual in that around 70 per cent of cases are thought to be diet related.  As food comes into such close contact with the colon cells by the same logic so would any food stuffs containing anti-cancer properties. Further studies are needed to explore the potential ‘neutraceutical’ role of hops in protecting against colon cancer.


  1. P Allsopp 2013 A comparison of the anti-cancer properties of isoxanthohumol and 8-PN using in vitro models of colon cancer